I Don't Want To Change You by Damien Rice


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Wherever you are Well, know that I adore you No matter how far Well, I can go before you And if ever you need someone Well, not that you need helping But if ever you want someone I know that I am willing

hieutrung151 8 May 2015

it's been a long time since o and 9

langgi 23 Oct 2014

Another #heartbreaker.   1

rkdsens 21 Jan 2015

I cut out all forms of social networking for a while and never found out about new Damien Rice stuff. Naturally, I had a freak fest when I did. Goddamn diddly excited for this new album. First one in 8 years. About time.   6

buddy 21 Oct 2014

er að fara að sjá þessa dásemd í maí - mikið hlakka ég til :)

Lindadogg 12 Mar 2015

Ooh, this is good.

milesmendoza 24 Sep 2014