Home by Dan Croll

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Helps me appreciate my stinky furrr covered home

jenarnie 25 Mar 2014

When I first saw Dan Croll I thought he was the uncomfortable white dude in Azelia Bank's 212 video. Sadly not. So many albums finally released this week and this tune is perfect for the spring weather. Bliss.

abunchofletters 13 Mar 2014

The video for this song is _just_ twee enough to be adorable. High point is when he has tea with his Nana.

cheerschopper 18 Feb 2014

"I've forgotten how it feels with the carpet under my seat. It's the polyester fibers that wrap around my feet. Feels like home, home" I think Dan has a bit of carpet fetish, but this is a nice "feel good" track. You'll be humming along if you play it twice   12

BarneyRubble 26 Nov 2013

Saw @DanCroll at The Liquid Room in Edinburgh last Fri 17th Oct. Great set, and in particular the audience participation on this track brought a smile to the faces of the band. Unfortunately not much crowd singalong on this live version, but there's another live version here (restricted from TIMJ) which gives more of a feel for the gig I was at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1Fmqufq5TI   8

BarneyRubble 21 Oct 2014