When I Was Done Dying by Dan Deacon

“Dan Deacon show tonight. Let's go fast, San Francisco.”

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Dan Deacon show tonight. Let's go fast, San Francisco.

Glench 28 Feb 2015

Because of giant crabs and faded memories.

AlabasterC 21 Feb 2015

I liked Bromst and America, but this song got me hype in a way Dan Deacon hasn't got me hype since Spiderman of the Rings. Great video too.

InJest 10 Apr 2015

What a great album!! A Dan Deacon album that really worth!! ♫   1

laurafantyz 24 Feb 2015

My sister Jamie shared this on facebook and I had to repost it - This is what happens when one art meets and falls in love with another.   1

crimsonghost 31 May 2015

Heard this on the radio a couple of weeks ago, loved it, but forgot to Shazam it at the time. Only today have I been able to find it again! Partly reminds me of Animal Collective, and partly of early Why in the Elephant Eyelash years.

lydjar 19 Jun 2015