Life In Vain by Daniel Johnston


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Hey guys, if you don't already know Daniel Johnston please check him out "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" is a documentary about the musical genius and tenuous nature of life. #StruggleIsUniversal #KeepOnJamming   19

timeisnow 10 Sep 2015

I'm giving it up so plain. I'm living my life in vain. ...And where am I going to?   2

twelveTON 11 Jul 2015

Discovery of the week.

roks 13 Mar 2013

Life in Vain by #DanielJohnston has to be my new jam, since I now listen to it every day in my car. #thisismyjam

Cezzabean 29 Apr 2014

Thanks to @_Enanem_ for introducing me to this beautiful song & reminding me how much I love Daniel Johnston.   21

rejunevated 26 Apr 2015

if we were all in the movies, maybe we wouldn't be so bored

crillex 6 May 2015