You And I Alone by Daphne And Celeste

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but derekahmedzai was first  

This is with no sense of irony whatsoever (well maybe a tad) I heard this and likes it before I knew who it was. Obviously it's all down to producer and writer. But it's a good track (stop sniggering at the back)

craigjohnson75 17 May 2015

Maybe my last jam...

alfregrimaldi 29 Aug 2015

Daphne & Celeste in best new single of the week shock? How is this even possible?   2

TheMichaelMoran 30 Mar 2015

Great song, and love the glitchy video too :)   1

derekahmedzai 29 Mar 2015

The fabulous @MaxTundra sprinkles his inimitable magic across D&C's comeback.   1

thomarse 18 May 2015

I've been working through a backlog of stuff I want to jam for these last few weeks, but I'm taking a break from it because this is really, really great and I love it a lot. (h/t to @maura, who played this on her show yesterday and who I finally got to meet this past weekend!)

ryangibbs 2 Sep 2015