Daydreaming by Dark Dark Dark

“Oh, the unspeakable things.”

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Oh, the unspeakable things.

eartle 9 Apr 2013

She talks about land, but my equivalent is water. I have this song associated with swimming, where there's nothing but me and the water. Life is inconsequential. My brain doesn't even go to dark places when I swim. For real, I wish I were a sea creature. And I could just swim for miles. Nothing for miles. "Oh I'd run as fast as I can Land I can see for miles Oh I'm searching With only the wind whispering Oh, if you knew what it meant to me You would sing, too"

theresaanna 20 Apr 2015

Well just noticed I have finally made it to 200 jams! were does time go! :) thought I would post this as it sums me up really, spend most of my life day dreaming :) That's what it used to say in my school reports anyhow :) It reminded me a bit of Daughter with a little New Orleans Jazz thrown in for good measure   10

colinflynn28 3 Aug 2015

Dark Dark Dark's intuitive unit of swirling instruments bring an otherworldly eddy of sound   27

cyberspiel 24 Nov 2012

Beautiful piano-based (folk) song with very nice percussion.   9

Salvadore 16 Oct 2013

Last night: stood with my love on prow of houseboat, staring up at an enormous rainbow ring around the moon.   1

theremina 29 Dec 2012