Golden Arrow by Darkside


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this sonnnngnggg fffffuuuuughhhh

DamianSommer 20 Oct 2014

Today, via Jaar's Other People, they've shared the first 11 minutes and 20 seconds of that LP.

pablolarah 25 Aug 2013

Scratchy, warped and disorienting, like a radio signal from outer space. (Yes, I've just seen #Gravity.)   6

Niels_Footman 12 Nov 2013

Thanks to @panofthepipes for this!

dgins 7 Jul 2015

hey @mbreit262 check out this track by Darkside   2

ryanegan587 5 Jun 2014

A piece of awesomeness. Future music. Nicolas Jaar 4evah'.

CreepyUnknown 9 Oct 2013