Paper Trails by Darkside


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Song I can't stop listening to on Spotify #23

JonnyEdge 20 Dec 2014

Where are you when I need you? Where did you go?

mattlohkamp 19 Sep 2014

Wanna come over and see my octave pedal?   10

flaneur 10 Oct 2013


bedrich 14 Jan 2015

Can stop listening to this. Great flow and a really good harmony between the bass and guitar lead. Plus I saw these guys live. Best shit ever!

Aske 11 Nov 2014

Loving the collaboration between Nicolas Jaar and David Harrington, I was going to post the shorter album version, which is here: but I wasn't entirely happy with the sound quality. :) Anyway, this live version is great nevertheless...   7

melissapulo 28 Nov 2013