Didn't I by Darondo


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but peterfbrennan was first  

Let's talk rarities.   2

BillMcGeeney 17 Jun 2015

Do people think the lyrics are dated? Does it matter?   39

corcorankelly 14 Jun 2013

Discovered via Breaking Bad Series 1, Cancer Man episode. Darondo was a West Coast soul dude. Turns out he died a few weeks ago. He left a sweet tune behind him...

MikePattenden 11 Jul 2013

This was my first jam.Now it's my last.Thanks to all fellow jammers.   21

tpjdavies 26 Sep 2015

I didn't...   41

kemiladashdot 4 Dec 2014

A Breaking Bad Soundtrack Moment...   10

laurenlaverne 8 May 2012