Build That Wall (Zia's Theme) by Darren Korb

“Utterly beautiful.”

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Utterly beautiful.

willmoore 14 Dec 2011

Second game I've ever bought the soundtrack from (first being Katamari).   1

McKelvie 28 Jan 2012

Best game soundtrack ever? Maybe!

fetterdave 22 Dec 2011

Never been a huge fan of video game soundtracks, but this entire album is amazing (the game is great too). This song gets into my head and stays there for a long time, but in a good way. #bastion

grewsome47 27 Jul 2015

Pretty much been obsessed with this since playing Bastion.

EstragonHelmer 25 Oct 2013

Take one Steam Sale, add eight or so hours playtime, mix well and simmer.

briancaffrey 11 Dec 2011