Fa Fa Fa by Datarock


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LixxyIturriaga 30 Jun 2015

Really wanted to post "Riton's New School Remix" of this track, as it was the first and best version I have heard. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a legal way to do it. It's worth searching out, though

jetcarrokk 9 Jan 2015

It has been far too long since I have listened to this!!

georgebarnard40 5 Aug 2014

Cantarla sólo para cuentear el inglés. A lo Lucho Jara.

operador_ 2 Jul 2014

Not as good a song title as "Computer Camp Love' on the same album, but a better track, IMO   1

katylindemann 14 Jul 2015

Friday and Summer! Summer and Friday!

netniewoo 2 Aug 2013