Human by Daughter


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but rachelbolland was first  

Gorgeous song,really love this band.   2

twirlingteacups 8 Aug 2013

Hope they're gonna come back to Paris very soon. Already miss them.   5

MyBlueElephant 11 Nov 2012

Love the way the first lyric just gets into the bite of it. Nice. What do you think @ScottDuckettt? I note you have accumulated an extra 't', sir.   2

kennethstephen 17 Jul 2015

So excited that the DAUGHTER album is finally coming out in the US tomorrow!

joshhornik 29 Apr 2013

"Underneath the skin there's a human. Buried deep within there's a human and despite everything I'm still human... But I think I'm dying here."

RossiForever 8 Apr 2015

can't work out what i like about this song. i just like it.   1

nellbrown 17 Apr 2012