Landfill by Daughter

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One of my favourite newer bands here, with a gorgeous live version of one of their older songs. On my 'gonna be big if there is any justice' list (alongside about 400 other bands).

AnneHaddy 9 Jul 2013

This is dangerous 'cause I want you so much, but I hate your guts. I hate you…

Molly_Morrow 11 Aug 2015

''If you want to kill me, this is the various ways in which you can" About 30 seconds in I knew I'd go buy EPs

davebushe 8 Dec 2011

i want u so much but i h8 yr guts

tessmcgeer 22 Feb 2014

I had no idea what my jam was going to be today, then Elena & Igor from Daughter passed through the office and inspiration struck.   8

thesunneversets 20 Mar 2014

No prize for spotting The Moment, but lovely in that glaring way.   1

kierongillen 24 Mar 2012