Breaking Bad theme (full) by Dave Porter

“Just had to after watching the last episode, ever.”

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but bloodstone was first  

Just had to after watching the last episode, ever.   1

jonathanapples 30 Sep 2013

one week until my life is over   2

bloodstone 23 Sep 2013

This song will stay up for the remainder of the week in remembrance of one of the greatest shows of all time.   3

iplaydageetar 29 Sep 2013

Had to be this jam today. Love you BB

ilovespaceships 30 Sep 2013

#USStates no. 31 of 50: Sorry NEW MEXICO, I'm sure you're lovely but I can't help but associate you with reckless meth dealing now.   1

TBBYNH 12 Nov 2014

Had to be done. Final episode next week, just hoping it is a fitting series finale.

DippyDoodah 23 Sep 2013