Changes by David Bowie

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xoxolindseylou 15 Dec 2014

Oh, look out you rock 'n rollers, pretty soon you're gonna get a little older...

megan 8 Jan 2012

Stuck in studying psychology tonight with only Hunky Dory to keep me sane.   2

SeanHiggins1994 12 Nov 2013

There's many changes coming my way as of recently. Prior to getting my permit a couple weeks ago, I will be moving to a different house in less than a week and my very first job interview is tomorrow. I'm sure that these changes will be a good thing for me. :)   1

Lovely_Rose 22 Jul 2013

This month's theme song.

EnemyOfPeanuts 11 Sep 2015

Embracing Change #Bowie #changes   2

aka20p 26 Aug 2015