Fascination by David Bowie

“Every Friday it always comes back to this...”

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Every Friday it always comes back to this...

timchester 20 Jul 2012

Has been stuck in my head, don't know why. A deep cut off "Young Americans" -- never performed live.

iprefernotto 4 Jul 2014

Like when I'm walking Seems that everywhere I turn I hope you're waiting for me I know that people think That I'm a little crazy Ohh, better sex is fun I think I like fascination Still, tick

Cath 21 Feb 2015

This song will make you dance. That's a promise!!!

yesh 20 Dec 2013

I've ended up jamming the other one. I thought this might happen.   1

WhoseClue 9 Dec 2013

#davidbowie #fascination #youngamericans

JohnConnor 3 Mar 2014