Five Years (Live on Old Grey Whistle Test 1972) by David Bowie

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In this age of the download, i-pod shuffling, and an apparent move away from the buying of albums (not me I hasten to add), we mustn't forget that part of the art of releasing a long-player was/is the ability to order the tracks so a listener hears the songs in a particular sequence. This is a truly great opening track.

spewish 18 Aug 2014

My brain hurt like a warehouse, It had no room to spare. I had to cram so many things to get everything in there.

ckwinny 3 Jan 2015

Five years, my brain hurts a lot #GE2015   4

JamesC 8 May 2015

Way back then....vintage Bowie :)   1

Peacefulpixie 4 Nov 2014

Just thought I should...   1

BrianWalton 16 Apr 2013