Golden Years by David Bowie

“I'm told that it's #internationalbowieday. Well then.”

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but tilapia was first  

I'm told that it's #internationalbowieday. Well then.   3

atl 13 Nov 2012

He was admittedly drunk... but whatever, I don't care at all! It's David Bowie on Soul Train!   43

BladeRunner 21 Mar 2014

Happy Friday everyone!   1

TeamJamPicks 3 Aug 2012

One of my favourites..   2

twirlingteacups 24 Sep 2015

9. Released originally in 1975 on the "Station to Station" album, "Golden Years" has been remastered and re-released nearly 40 years later on the "Nothing Has Changed" album, as the original fans enter their own Golden Years. It had appeal in my youth and I still love this song. The reason for fading eyesight in those golden years is that as we think young we can believe it too. My penultimate favourite Jam of David Bowie's lifetime of songs. "Run for the shadows, run for the shadows Run for the shadows in these golden years"   6

itskerryc 20 Sep 2015

After some searching, I finally found a jammable song from "Station to Station".   16

Section42L 27 Dec 2013