Life on Mars? by David Bowie

thebibliovore’s jam on 6 Sep ’13 and then once after that (See all)

“Final jam, I think.”

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Final jam, I think.   1

thebibliovore 20 Aug 2015

One more Bowie jam before I go. This is one of those songs that I will always remember hearing for the first time and having to pause in the moment because it caught me so off guard. Classic. Timeless. Magic.#FarewellTIMJ

neko3usagi 18 Sep 2015

God's on the phone... (See comments!)   34

stevefawcett 27 Aug 2015


andykhouri 25 Apr 2013

The man just so happens to celebrate his 67th birthday today, but I happened to delve into his early '70s material this week - and loved it!   4

roydesmet 8 Jan 2014

Went to the David Bowie Is exhibit and got hooked again on this venti jam again =^]   3

froufroufoxes 22 Dec 2014