Little Wonder by David Bowie

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Hadn't heard it before today, a 90's rock song as only, and with riffs that only Bowie could pull off... and that's with high levels of kooky, badass style. <3

JoshKeelingetc 6 Aug 2013

I wasn't really a fan of David's when I was a kid in the eighties. I still don't like China Girl or Let's Dance and back then I didn't have the eclectic taste in music I have now. I am fascinated with him now...always loved Labyrinth but now I'm watching everything I can on him and he's so interesting...and funny!!!

abirex 13 May 2014

one last jam from 1997. The short-awaited day comes tomorrow.   3

hirziify 25 Sep 2013

Hey, remember that time Bowie went "jungle"? That was way better than it should have been, eh...   1

alexcornetto 15 Mar 2013

Revelatory track for teenage me. Had never heard rock and electronica combined in this bright, epic way before

andykhouri 19 Jan 2012

Going through 'Nothing Has Changed' (which is a really well curated collection) and this pops up. Strangely the first CD I ever bought and before I had a CD player. Really enjoyed this album and was lucky to see DB in a relatively small venue a little after it's release. .....and Reeves Gabriel is cracking guitarist.

adrian4acn 21 Nov 2014