Loving the Alien by David Bowie

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Why aren't there more moody ironic pop songs about the power of prayer? I blame Madonna. #pray   2

dntsqzthchrmn 14 Apr 2013

Today the Swedish government recognised the state of Palestine. This goes out as a cautious celebration and a warning... Listen to the words. "Watching them come and go/the Templars and the Saracens/they're travelling the holy land/opening telegrams..."

egosumdaniel 30 Oct 2014

The 80's were an unfortunate time for Bowie, IMO; I know he had hits, but most of them were...icky. (See: Never Let Me Down the only album of his I refuse to rip to my PC). This is one his the rare gems from that period.   10

joeldurhamjr 30 Sep 2013

Love this alt arrangement by Bowie of Loving the Alien #Bowie   1

ChrisRPearson 29 Jun 2013

Believing the strangest things #X-File jam number 2. From a true extraterrestrial coloniser. I think he may be back in this run.   4

adrian4acn 7 Jun 2015

There`s been a lot of Bowie about of late so here`s some `very eighties` vintage.   1

blushift01 30 May 2013