Oh! You Pretty Things by David Bowie

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Have a lovely weekend all.   29

abigail.deeks 13 Sep 2013

Saw David Bowie Is... at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art this weekend. If you can, GO. It's brilliant. One of my favorites by the man himself.

bjr70 14 Oct 2014

David Bowie - The third of my favourites from Bowie's more than 250 published songs in this sequential chronology of my favourite ten. 3. Christmas 1971, and David releases Hunky Dory with Life on Mars and Changes being the most popular singles. This middle of the road pop song from that album is my favourite from what stylised his future work. Bowie not only sings on this track but plays saxophone, piano and guitar. I spent an afternoon at the #DavidBowieis exhibition @ACMI #Melbourne on September 4; it was fantastic.Bowie was the artist who most provided my primary interest in music and movement. Over five decades my constantly evolving eclectic taste in music has been influenced by his style. He is a multi domain artist with talent more broad than being simply singer-songwriter. His skill transcends multi-instrument musician, singer, songwriter, designer (costume and sets), artist, actor. To me he is a complete artist in the fullest meaning of the word.   6

itskerryc 13 Sep 2015

I first heard this in 1981 on the ChangesTwoBowie collection, which my cousin taped for me. It led to the purchase of Hunky Dory, which became a firm favourite. This week sees the arrival of a new Bowie box set called 'Five Years', which I'm being treated to by my lovely beau and which includes a remastered copy of this smashing elpee.   7

MotherFist 23 Sep 2015

Rewind to the Seventies! Anything from 1969 to 1980 appears here. So keep 'FOLLOWing'.......   15

leejohnson 24 Oct 2014

Thisismyjam being archived in September :( Lovely song to see it off with Goodbye, old friend

jtee93 17 Aug 2015