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This is our kind of #FunkyFriday   3

steranko 2 May 2014

My favorite DB song, in honor of his 65th birthday.

musicgeek 8 Jan 2012

Since seeing "Guardians Of The Galaxy" this past weekend, I've been playing '70s era Bowie non-stop. Thin White Duke era was my personal fave.

KarlM 6 Aug 2014

More DB Live. This from Bremmen in 1977 the year after yesterdays jam.   3

adrian4acn 29 Jan 2013

#aweekofdisco Diamond Dog Geezer   25

kemiladashdot 29 Aug 2013

that's what I meant to say, or do something But what I never say is stay this time

ivynoelle 17 Nov 2014