Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise) by David Bowie

“Bowie at the height of his songwriting powers.”

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Bowie at the height of his songwriting powers.   2

joeldurhamjr 30 Dec 2012

Watching the Cracked Actor documentary again tonight. I love the Diamond Dogs album maybe a little too much...   5

BertrandRustles 4 Apr 2013

Bowie's songwriting powers were at their peak when he penned this amazing suite.   3

joeldurhamjr 20 Sep 2013

Hope, boys, is a cheap thing.

ThirdMan 4 Jun 2012

It's tough to top this. A masterpiece.

JayCheel 28 Sep 2013

Sinister government conspiracies ahoy!

dnye 24 Jun 2013