The Heart's Filthy Lesson by David Bowie

“One of the many gems off the underrated album Outside.”

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One of the many gems off the underrated album Outside.

joeldurhamjr 23 Feb 2015

Preparing the next W-E themes. makes me think of this song (without a filthy video?). "Beau Oui. comme Bowie!"   2

MyBlueElephant 14 Apr 2013

Let's join in with Bowie day with a celebration of his good period from 1995-1997

DerekFME 8 Jan 2012

Bowie back in his second (third?) prime.   1

smylie 8 Jan 2013

I had forgot about this fine cut. Many thanks to UGFL for reminding me... Enjoy

Watersidestudio 26 Sep 2012

i think 1995 was when bowie was at his best (yes i know i'm supposed to apologize for that opinion)   2

URINE 7 Jul 2012