The Stars (Are Out Tonight) by David Bowie


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QMagazine 1 Mar 2013

Lets have some Dave. No reason other than it kicks bottom and the video is great. #FinalJam #NotFinalJam #TillTheWheelsFallOff   3

adrian4acn 2 Sep 2015

#TheBestOf2013 It's snowing on Wordpress so it must be time for the annual round up. My pick of the pops for the last year. - #No7 David Bowie   2

adrian4acn 10 Dec 2013

Shall I jam Space Oddity? The Laughing Gnome? Heroes? Changes? Ziggy Stardust? Magic Dance? China Girl? Hallo Spaceboy? Let's Dance? Loving The Alien? I can't go wrong really. I ended up choosing Bowie's latest video (that I have found anyway) cuz it shows he's just as simultaneously out of this world and down to Earth as he always has been. I have this list on my wall that I have used this past month to help me focus on what artists I wanted to jam. I started with roughly sixty names on the list, but have only managed to jam about a dozen. Many I ultimately chose aren't on this list. Not sure if this experiment with the list is a successful failure or a failed success. The list has become a starting point from which to decide. A tool or guideline more than a rigid list I had to abide by. Many of the names on this list, when I think of their body of work, I just can't decide which of their songs to jam, cuz I love everything. David Bowie is one of those artists. It's all so good.   2

ZachsMind 30 May 2015

Bowie's back alright.

marks 26 Feb 2013

#RockBand4 songs I'd kill to have! Number 6 is from Bowie's 2013 "The Next Day". Hard to believe it's been 2ish years since it's release!   1

fryedrycestyle 10 May 2015