Where Are We Now? by David Bowie


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There can really only be one jam today - the gorgeous new single from David Bowie. That's right David Bowie!   1

andyknightesq 8 Jan 2013

Happy Birthday David Bowie! Thanks for this, you made for an exciting day :)   7

TeamJamPicks 8 Jan 2013

Very excited to be heading to Berlin tomorrow, and seeing the David Bowie exhibition.

dmk21 20 May 2014

this makes me both happy and sad. – happy birthday, mr. bowie!

marthadear 8 Jan 2013

PLAY THIS: https://youtu.be/QWtsV50_-p4 [Damned WMG have blocked everything] 10. After a ten year hiatus David Bowie released this song in January 2013, the first from his most recent album "The Next Day". I relate to the age thoughts and actions implied and sung in this track. With the closure of TiMJ It also seems an appropriate song to close this tribute.   7

itskerryc 22 Sep 2015

Happy Birthday, David Bowie! This is Bowie's latest single from his upcoming album, the first in 10 years!

bootenhoven 8 Jan 2013