Every Time by David Ford

“Rousing stuff.”

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Rousing stuff.

milesmendoza 27 Feb 2013

Worth watching the intro too.

Gemx 19 Jul 2012

"every time I was given a chance to stand on my own two feet I fell" Yep, that's about the size of it!!

stuartthurston 28 Apr 2013

New song, written about a book, (Fords own - I Chose This) which answers, Why arent you more famous? Brilliant

PaulMcMahon 26 Apr 2012

An honest reflection of our potential to screw up every opportunity - and to keep going - ' I choose this.....'   1

Bazmeister 15 Sep 2013

David Ford has been a hero of mine for many years. This song reminds me of some wonderful people I know. ♥

aliceness 25 Mar 2013