True Survivor by David Hasselhoff

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We need a living passion / To believe in / Burning hearts and a brand new feeling   2

dominikus 31 May 2015

This may be the "song" of my relationship, and I am very okay with that. #ThisismyJam #DavidHasselhoff

Pixaling 23 Jun 2015

On a loop since recording the latest Bags of Action podcast.

PeteRogers 25 Jul 2015

Do you wanna make it like a #TrueSurvivor ? #DavidHassehlhoff #KungFury #jampreserves #thisismyjam   1

deejay 30 Aug 2015

Epic on so many levels.

_qwertypants 22 Jun 2015

@mitch_murder worked on this! :O Official video here:

IAmMrDexB 17 Apr 2015