I'm Waiting Here by David Lynch & Lykke Li

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After a little teaser yesterday and the news arrives today of a new David Lynch album. Excellent news, Crazy Clown Time was a winner and I'm looking forward to this. #Lynch  If you suffer restrictions try this http://youtu.be/T7Tf3ab2wAM   8

adrian4acn 3 Jun 2013

Maybe it's time for that #DavidLynch week I've always wanted to do...   13

robbfritz 25 Jun 2013

So much good music on TIMJ today - I think my heart is going to explode   3

jetcarrokk 24 Jan 2015

I'm so happy I ended up in the alternate universe where David Lynch is a pop star. But I have to wonder: Who's driving the car? Nic Cage? Isabella Rossellini? Robert "Tailgating is one thing I cannot tolerate" Loggia?

7r0773r 24 Jun 2013

marcwalsh 4 Jun 2013