Ghost of Love by David Lynch

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@lynn200 jammed a song from the weird but wonderful film Mulholland Drive, so I thought I would post this track from Lynch's even stranger, darker, anxiety- inducing film, Inland Empire, the stuff nightmares are made of... :) This link has excerpts from the film but the song was cut slightly short...   5

melissapulo 11 Feb 2014

#Halloween "NO!!! You will NOT be going out dressed like THAT tonight!!!".....................Creepier than a crypt's crepuscular crevices, this chilly choon is by Mr. 'Skincrawler' himself, David Lynch ( pictured in wallpaper) From the impenetrable film ( even by his standards) " Inland Empire"   20

debutch 30 Oct 2014

Happy Birthday Lynch, you crazy bastard.

Gem 20 Jan 2013

my favorite David Lynch track...with scenes from his films..   35

lynn200 7 May 2014

Sexy tune

RachelThompson 15 Sep 2013

Strange, what flies with ghosts of love.   11

flaneur 13 Mar 2012