Drag by Day Wave

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So much chill

rebecca999 26 Aug 2015

This guy sounds soooooo much like The Drums used to, I'm having flashbacks to 2010. Can we make surf-pop a thing again? I miss it.

matt36512 14 Apr 2015

I'm glad TIMJ is still kicking, even if only for a few more days.

boqeh 15 Sep 2015

SUCH a tune. It's catchy and should be in the #Top40 EASILY. Hope this guys gets really popular..he deserves every bit of attention. @carouselpage is his other project and I can't get enough of that one either.

OtterFeathers 7 Jul 2015

Bittersweet, synthtastic goodness - very reminiscent of DIIV and incredibly catchy too.   1

BelloDiNotte 9 Apr 2015

1) It's almost the weekend. 2) It's almost the summer. Cheers @daywavemusic.

NickBeaver 17 Apr 2015