Me Myself and I by De La Soul

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calicawesome 16 Apr 2015

I wish there were more hippy hip-hoppers these days...from 1989...with a little help from Funkadelic   3

philipnareike 30 Jun 2013

Saw them live last night with their new project First Serve. 1st time I saw a support band did an encore CRAZY   1

MyBlueElephant 8 Sep 2012

De La Soul & IAM Tonight!   2

metrosdepot 16 Jul 2015

#oldschooljams #funkyfriday #wmgsucks So I have included the music vid below for your enjoyment... Peace, Love and Hair Grease everyone mwah!   11

SheRa 29 Aug 2014

Mirror, mirror on the wall Tell me, mirror, what is wrong?   1

MaxRocks 2 Jan 2014