Oh Man the Future by De Lux


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a.k.a. LCD Talking Headsystem

TBBYNH 6 Aug 2015

More than a little bit like Talking Heads. "Oh man! THE FUTURE!"

MW_Jimmy 21 May 2015

Oh man... the future!   1

AndrewBowden 7 Aug 2015

Loving this bassline

Windscreen 5 Aug 2015

Is that Talking Heads? No, but it sure sounds like them! "L.A.’s De Lux are a post-disco dance-punk DIY duo that sound like they could have come out of 1979 or 1982 just as easily as 2013."

jpaylor 14 Jul 2015

David Byrne called; he wants his voice back.

thereisnocat 11 Aug 2015