Ullyses by Dead Can Dance

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#Every4ADReleaseInChronologicalOrder Part 124. Last track on "The Serpent's Egg".   4

thesunneversets 10 Sep 2015

"On an open sea On an odyssey Of self discovery"

MylesC 18 May 2015

Even though there's no Lisa Gerrard in sight, this one always blows me away when iTunes stumbles across it.

Grangousier 25 Jul 2012

I've always loved this song. I also used to know someone called John Dooley, but I'm not sure if his middle name was Francis #GothWeek   7

philipnareike 23 Oct 2013

John Francis Dooley wipe the sleep from your eyes, and embrace the light...   2

frogworth 23 Jun 2012

I saw Dead Can Dance in the Olympia in Dublin years ago. It was the most transporting gig I've ever attended.   2

MylesC 14 Apr 2013