Come up and get me by Death Grips

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It's out. Go get it.   1

sondh 1 Oct 2012


mrtt 1 Jun 2015

musical doom squad

nikku_neko 8 Dec 2013

The worlds most controversial band these days...while releasing an album to file sharing sites because your label want to delay it, then sticking a big knob on the front certainly gets people talking, I can't remember anyone noticing the music inside. They released 2 albums last year, and both of them were amongst the best. This is the very low end heavy opener from the 2nd, NO LOVE DEEP WEB - my slight favourite of them both! I understand they might be unlistenable to some but for me they're pretty much perfect, and are masters at ensuring people are always talking about them, whether you like them or not! Also apologies for the rubbish non-video but I'm not spamming anyone's news feed with penis pictures...   6

mjgBZ32 21 Oct 2013

Warning - this is hard. really fucking hard. wow.   2

monkchips 1 Oct 2012