Scorpio Rising by Death In Vegas

“If I don't go crazy I'll lose my mind..”

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If I don't go crazy I'll lose my mind..   1

davidfrain1 11 Apr 2012

When you kiss the base of my spine, make my body into your shrine. You give me this feeling deep inside, one that I can no longer disguise... Been singing this for DAYS. Now you can too.

flackboy 12 Aug 2013

If I don't go crazy I'll lose my mind!

CarlDunn82 2 May 2014

One of the best and iconic Liam vocals.   1

AtkoAtco 25 Jan 2014

Liam's best vocal and an ideal song. Although I'm not sure my dance was as strong.

AtkoAtco 18 Oct 2014

Yup, nothing pretentious or excessive about video production values in the 90s.

Whitehill 7 Oct 2014