Groove Is in the Heart by Deee-Lite

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but JamesWallis was first  

inspired by @teen Deee-Lite had it going on! Bootsy Collins and the Horny Horns AKA Bootsy's Rubber Band of Parliament/Funkadelic fame #house and #FunkyFriday   9

hsmagnet 18 Jul 2014

I know it's not quite #finaljam day but I'm kicking the fun/sadness off with an early #funkyfriday present.   14

simonp 24 Sep 2015

#trippy....Hello all! been busy been sick (achoo!) But I'm better (Still busy) Missed hanging out - Have a Happy start to the week.....   21

SheRa 27 Apr 2015

I'm stuck on a writing draft, so Groove Is in the Heart is helping me get through it.   4

wilwheaton 20 May 2015

Your groove I do deeply dig   1

eigenmotion 19 Aug 2015

I think that was 1990. Always a club banger and repeat on the car stereo. It still makes me smile, laugh and get up and move. Dee-lectable, dee-groovy. How do you say, Dee-lite?   1

oneredque 17 Jul 2015