Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple


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but jollyoaks was first  

I get it... "Swiss time was running out." The fake Rolexes in #BetterCallSaul   1

rwbogy 8 Apr 2015

Good Friday evening get up and go

nigelroffey3 23 Jan 2015

Been playing this a lot (and now recognisably!!) on my guitar this week

jollyoaks 10 Mar 2012

The old favourites are often the best   3

bit_rude 15 Feb 2015

My little cousin is learning to play guitar so naturally this jam comes out of the box! ♫♪ "I know we'll never forget, smoke on the water, fire in the sky" ♫♪   2

IndiHatter 17 Nov 2014

Some of my favorite songs from A to Z. It's "Smoke on the Water." 'Nuff said.

vincelocke7 18 Jan 2015