Mario's Flaming Whiskers III by Deerhoof

“Unacceptably late to this album.”

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Unacceptably late to this album.   2

unfortunatalie 18 Apr 2013

I'm so glad John was obsessed with this album (Breakup Song) when it came out, and with this band in general, because I wouldn't have given them a second chance and I would've missed out on so much. Also, oh my god, this video is demented, wtf. But I love this song so much, and it will not leave my head.

spitesprite 13 Aug 2013

Mystifying, curiosity-piquing, yet a little eerie (especially with the video). Like a Robby Cavanaugh photograph, it's beautiful, and yet that dark cloud eternally hangs on the horizon.   7

Amalynai 1 Jan 2014