He Would Have Laughed by Deerhunter

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Cheerio, This Is My Jam. I have very much enjoyed you, you strange little service you. My last tune just happens to be the thing that I was listening to today. Which was always the point, wasn't it?

patrickhmason 24 Sep 2015

brilliant album by a brilliant band

MichaelKennedy 29 Oct 2013

"in sweetness comes suffering"

lindzington 1 Aug 2013

Fucking perfection.

co_dehart 28 Jun 2012

My favorite from Halcyon Digest. Beautiful!   2

Charlie_Farlie 4 Jun 2014

Where do your friends go? Where do they see you? What did you want to be? Ahh shut the hell Shut your mouth

kenobicommaben 16 Jan 2014