Digital Bath by Deftones


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Sloe Jam. Def' Jam. DiS boards have declared it International Deftones Day today, following news of a new LP.   2

seaninsound 31 Aug 2012

Art progress motivated by some angry, fast music.

randyzero 10 Dec 2014

Put on the headphones, close your eyes, and enjoy.

PaplooThePirate 26 May 2015

Tracking a new song right now and trying to conjure this vibe.

insigfigs 21 Jan 2014

Likely be my last jam on TIMJ. I started out on a great Deftones song, so I might as well end on one. It's been awesome sharing and discovering new music with the many cool people on here. Thank you for having me TIMJ. :)   2

Oatseeder 24 Aug 2015

#Deftones #DigitalBath <3   1

MaryKateClark 30 Jan 2015