Passenger by Deftones

“Sad day. RIP Chi x”

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Sad day. RIP Chi x

CarrieSlack 14 Apr 2013

Saw this live at the BDO in 2011 with Kim Benzie of Dead Letter Circus filling in for Maynard - even though Tool were playing the same day. Magic.

goatlady 21 Aug 2015

The Deftones plus Maynard James Keenan... I don't think I really need to elaborate on why this is made of win!   1

OwningXylophone 5 Mar 2014


bihi 12 May 2015

so powerful   1

tealcarter 24 Jun 2014

Haven't done anything on TIMJ for a while now...I have this idea I'll start a blog and include regular updates from here and Goodreads etc, but haven't had the werewithal to actually sit down and write some proper reviews. Anyway...ignore my yappin and crank the volume up, cos this really is a killer jam that's been bouncing off the inside of my cranium for days! It's a stand-out track from Deftones third album 'White Pony', which was a real game changer in it's day in that it showed that a band with it's roots in nu-metal could actually be intelligent, arty and sexy: adjectives which could all be applied to this song and its guest vocalist, Tool's Maynard James Keenan. MJK provides a typically powerful vocal which straddles the divide between pain and pleasure, and the rest of the 'tones don't disappoint either, proving you can be atmospheric *and*heavy. A great track from a great album!

thephilabides 31 Aug 2014