Heart Attack by Demi Lovato

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The most loved track on last night's #R1Review was @DDLovato's 'Heart Attack'. Do you love or hate it?

BBCR1Review 27 Feb 2013

Never said yes to the right guy :*

ElenaRandjelovi 30 Nov 2013

Another song by Demi Lovato.

OBLuchion 7 Sep 2015

this song reminds me so much of myself and putting a wall up to stop yourself from being hurt. #heartache #feelinglikeagirl

sheenalumsden1 11 Nov 2013

this always makes me think about Clueless, which connects Demi with Jane Austen. Which makes me happy.

thalassa 23 Sep 2014

This year's winner of "jam that flew under my radar when it actually came out but that I can't stop listening to months down the line".

theuncannyalex 8 Jan 2014