Tiger Phone Card by Dengue Fever

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thanks to leslie's husband, i got into this band. thanks to this song, i remembered what phone cards were!

mirandate 6 Sep 2014

1960's Cambodian pop meets California surf music. I smell a Tarantino soundtrack.

punboy007 21 Jan 2015

There's not much I know about this, I just acquired this album at some point in my lief and I quite like it.   1

Ewan_M 17 Oct 2012

An oldie, but new to me. 'Tiger Phone Card' by Dengue Fever is my new jam.

KoenG 10 Jan 2014

"You live in Phnom Penh [I mean, London.]" "You live in New York City."

jessedarling 21 Feb 2012

A friend of mine just shared this with me on FB. HAD to jam it!!!!!!!   3

uchitel96 27 Sep 2014