Everything Counts by Depeche Mode


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but emilyeverything was first  

I've had this song on an internal loop since the election results last week #grabbinghands

JimmyMonstaFunk 13 May 2015

"The grabbing hands grab all they can..."   5

thesunneversets 23 Oct 2012

The lyrics are just as relevant today. Sadly.

MarkCockram 26 Jul 2015

# 1 #top10DepecheMode off 1983's Construction Time Again. When my son and I sat down and shared our list's, my reason for this one being number one is simple, listen to it!!! You have the music: (you should see this one live) Martin plays a wicked Melodica and then there's the Xylophone. Dave's dancing, a catchy chorus, a great video. When my son and I sat down to listen to our list's together (we also watched the video's when available) my main reason was this, I could listen to this song in any mood, anytime, over and over; It would still have me singing, dancing and happy! My son's top ten was very different and his number one was "Precious"(my number #13). What is your number one DM song?   18

christineb 2 May 2014

# 99 Depeche Mode. Yep DM. You may ask why, well let me tell you! I grew up with this band, one of the first bands I saw in concert, have every album, they change it up a lot (compare this song to "Condemnation " ) and they have staying power. I can always grab an album, put it on and never tire of it; I maybe more in the mood for Speak and Spell one day then Songs of Faith and Devotion the next. My son and I recently did our own top 20 DM playlist then had the big "reveal" day. (took us over a week to compile, didn't think it would be that hard) We sat down listen to each others lists and the reasons why. This is my number #1 DM song, I can always listen to it, never tire of it, classic.   15

christineb 28 Jul 2013

It's a competitive world / Everything counts in large amounts

theremina 14 Sep 2012