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"But I'm drowning in time / to a desperate beat"   1

daricemoore 27 Jan 2015

Continuing with my favorite artists.#DesertedIslandJams Artists that I could play 24/7 never tire of and listen to in any mood.. If you have followed me at all you know I am a huge DM fan, I even did a top 10 DM songs...I have jammed this before...but it is fitting with the way I feel. TIMJ is/was my music home...... Thank you for sharing the journey and music with me.. #FinalJams #LongLivetheJams #GoingDownJamming   11

christineb 21 Sep 2015

A favorite of mine off of 'Ultra' which is kind of an underrated album - even though the band released 4 great singles from it. Martin Gore singing which is also a treat.   3

jenmaselli 29 Sep 2014

# 2 #top10DepecheMode Home off the album "Ultra". Martin wrote all of this album (He writes 90% of DM's song) he comes out from behind the keyboard to sing lead. Martin's hauntingly beautiful voice and the string arrangement make this song my favorite ballad by DM. The video can be view at   12

christineb 1 May 2014

This song makes me cry

DJIanHarris 10 Jan 2015

Even better live and loud. But the most gorgeous song.

erhys 10 Dec 2011