Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode

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but kfw was first  

LPsOfMyLife#8 and my favourite DM song. I'm 1 of the fans who lived the 101 Tour. Some friends & I, in high school, hired a bus for the Paris gig. You have no idea what it is to go to a gig with 60 people!!! :)   7

MyBlueElephant 22 Sep 2013

Happy 50th birthday to Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan.   1

andykhouri 9 May 2012

#3 I was going to jam Lucid Dreams by Franz Ferdinand, but I think they've been relegated to number 6. I remember discovering this song and their 86-98 greatest hits album when I was a teen and I've never looked back since. Also, only realised recently that this may be about gay sex...#FinalJams   6

flame_me_up 23 Sep 2015

I've been in such a Depeche Mode mood lately, so here you go.   2

singaboutlove 9 Jan 2013

It's been a Depeche Modey weekend, so this is muh jam this week.

styroteqe 17 May 2015

As if.

kilomiler 19 Jan 2015