New Life by Depeche Mode


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I tried again to get into Depeche Mode, but I'm afraid I really only like the Vince Clarke years.   4

pjcj 27 May 2014

Watching a TV proggy about the birth of synth pop and I couldn't resist posting some of the stuff that featured in it. Particularly early Depeche Mode with Vince Clarke - who was an absolute genius but a complete control freak :) Awesome track, "New Life"

pjmaybe 31 Jan 2015

My copy of 'Speak and Spell' is on cassette so hasn't been played in the last 5 years as have been without a player since then. Found the full album on youtube yesterday afternoon which brought back lots of great memories. Depeche Mode for us Essex lot were/are something to be proud of. Once resident band at my favourite club 'The Pink Toothbrush' in Rayleigh (the town that I went to school in). This is my favourite album but then I am always fond of debut albums. Reminds me of my favourite cherry red docs with steel toe caps :)   5

abigail.deeks 26 Oct 2014