Walking in My Shoes by Depeche Mode


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one of my world domination tracks

arielwaldman 19 Dec 2011

Beetje ondergewaardeerd nummer van DM. Maar nog steeds een van mijn favorieten.

davezonneveld74 15 Jan 2014

My grandmother passed away early Saturday morning. Leaving me in a strange spot. My relationship with her has been a very complicated one. I've spent most of my life trying to please her. Just to get her to love me and accept me for who I am. She never really did, and I am really sorry for that. That being said, we made our peace, had some good times and I know she kind of liked me in the end. I was also with her during her last painful days, nursed her, stroked her and held her hand when she drew her last breathe. And that was good. But now I'm left with a lot of emotions that I've kept bottled up for many years. Anger being one of them. This is of course founded in the fact that I did love her very much. Somehow this song strikes a chord with regards to my current feelings towards her. I will forgive her another day.   20

Avante 22 Feb 2015

Fantastic! j'adore...

saldyvandivi 2 Dec 2012